Dear Martin – Mini Review/Importance

Author: Nic Stone

Pages: 208

Release Date: October 17, 2017

Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


Raw, captivating, and undeniably real, Nic Stone joins industry giants Jason Reynolds and Walter Dean Myers as she boldly tackles American race relations in this stunning debut.

Justyce McAllister is top of his class and set for the Ivy League—but none of that matters to the police officer who just put him in handcuffs. And despite leaving his rough neighborhood behind, he can’t escape the scorn of his former peers or the ridicule of his new classmates.

Justyce looks to the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for answers. But do they hold up anymore? He starts a journal to Dr. King to find out.

Then comes the day Justyce goes driving with his best friend, Manny, windows rolled down, music turned up—way up, sparking the fury of a white off-duty cop beside them. Words fly. Shots are fired. Justyce and Manny are caught in the crosshairs. In the mediafallout, it’s Justyce who is under attack.


Riveting, emotional and strong, Dear Martin packs a punch. The narrative written by Nic Stone, while fiction, forces us to think upon the recent racial injustices in the world. Despite the controversial topics, bringing about an air of uneasiness, the book flowed very well. I would sit down to read a chapter and next thing I knew, I was through ten chapters.

“Yeah, there are no more ‘colored’ water fountains, and it’s supposed to be illegal to discriminate, but if I can be forced to sit on the concrete in too-tight cuffs when I’ve done nothing wrong, it’s clear there’s an issue.”

Dear Martin forces us to face the issue that we all know is there; racial discrimination. While uncomfortable, we must come face to face with it and admit that there is a problem. The author was able to portray the issue through two African American teenagers who face discrimination in their lives. It is very hard to know what someone else is going through and this book was able to show it in a very sad, but realistic viewpoint.

“It never ends, does it? No matter what I do, for the rest of my life I’m gonna find myself in situations like this, aren’t I?

It will not get better if we don’t admit there is a problem. It all starts with one person. Catch yourself the next time a judgmental thought passes through your head. While this novel did not give me a ‘wow’ feeling, it was a solid read.

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